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Scott Bland is a professional Transformational Mindset Coach, Speaker, and Trainer. His passion is to equip and encourage individuals around the world in their professional and personal development through an inspired and creative Coaching Business.

Thoughts of transitioning folks into a mindset of TRUE prosperity - Spirit, Soul, and Body - has long been Scott's dream. Mind you, TRUE prosperity is WAAAAY more than just financial security. His words are revealing, penetrating, and deeply personal, taking anyone that hears them on a journey of self-discovery.

Scott has held on to a dream that some day folks will see him as a CHANGE AGENT. Today, is YOUR chance to make that happen!!

About This Site

Due to the videography and editing taking longer than expected, not all modules are complete and uploaded into your back-office. Therefore; The Process To Be mindset course is CURRENTLY set at a ONE-TIME price of $97. This price WILL be going up once ALL modules are finished and completely loaded in. Thank you so much for your patience.  See you on the inside!

Overcoming the way one processes thought is difficult. Perhaps, it is the hardest thing you will ever do, BUT, it CAN be done. The Process To Be is not just another self-improvement training. It is a seven-module, on-demand digital tool set of personal development concepts assisting us in taking OWNERSHIP of our lives...going to the core of who it is that we that we can BE responsible for our OWN personal growth and mature into who we were created to BE.

Module 1: Understanding Yourself

We all have apps, or what I call mental programs, that have been downloaded into our “hard-drive…” some good, and some bad. For many, these downloads have slowed us down and caused us to malfunction. To operate correctly, we must clear our history and restore ourselves back to WHO we were created to be by the manufacturer.

Module 2: Thoughts Become Things

“As a man THINKS, so goes his life.” Many times individuals don’t think about what it is they are thinking about. What is it that they are continuously thinking on? Every one of us are where we are today, due to our THOUGHTS. I know it’s a hard pill to swallow, but it’s true.

Module 3: Watch Over Your Heart

Your heart is the garden from which life springs. What seeds are you allowing to take root? We must start filling our heart with things that are true, noble, reputable, authentic, compelling, gracious—the best, not the worst; the beautiful, not the ugly; things to praise, not things to curse. You will ALWAYS produce that which you allow to be planted. Above all else, watch over your heart, for everything you do flows from it.

Module 4: Only YOU Can SPEAK Your I AM -  COMING SOON

When you say, “I AM” what you are really saying is that you are completely powerless to BE anything else, because that’s who you are. You are identifying with the I AM of the statement not even realizing that isn’t WHO you are but rather how you are FEELING, and FEELINGS change.

Module 5: Active Goal Setting - COMING SOON

There’s a HUGE difference between having a goal and having an idea. Having a goal means you are actively taking steps towards reaching your desired dream.

Module 6: Confidence at All Times - COMING SOON 

The word confidence can be divided into two Latin words, “con” and “fide”; literally meaning “with faith.” When you speak IN confidence, you are literally speaking IN faith. Faith is the EVIDENCE of things hoped for. Therefore, what you SPEAK is proof that you are confident it will happen. What you then start to hear will become your belief system, because FAITH comes from HEARING.

Module 7: Association Brings Assimilation - COMING SOON 

We are all spiritual beings. We are simply living our life in an earthly suit. We each have what is called energy and that energy is transmitted one to another. Whoever or whatever you are in association with, you will become similar. Choose wisely WHAT/WHO you are around.

Beyond Color is an adult coloring book compiled with 68 TRUTH-BASED quotes/designs found throughout the seven-module mindset training, "The Process To Be. 

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SECTION 1: Understanding Yourself

Lesson 1:



Lesson 2:



Lesson 3:



Lesson 4:


SECTION 2: Thoughts Become Things

Lesson 5:



Lesson 6:

Your Reality


Lesson 7:

Move Forward


Lesson 8:

Is It Really That Serious

SECTION 3: Watch Over Your Heart

Lesson 9:



Lesson 10:

Life Happens


Lesson 11:

Replace the weeds with new seeds


Lesson 12:

I create as I speak

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